Sub Floor Vents

Create A Healthy Living Environment In Your Home With Sub Floor Vents

Having sub floor vents in your house is essential to keeping your family healthy. The sub floor space of your house can harbor pollutants and dampness that are dangerous to you and your family. Moisture from the ground, water from rain, or drainage seeps into this area and if ignored, it can cause mould. When mould sets in, the effect might not be visible to the naked eye at first, but instead a dank smell fills the space. This smell can find itself into the main house, and cause breathing problems to those living with you. A damp sub floor space can also invite pests. Termites, dust mites and other harmful pests love dark and damp spaces. Sub floor space also accumulates pet dander and dust.

Diseases that may come from an unattended sub floor are sinus irritation, and aggravated asthma. The dust, and mould spores that find their way into the main house exacerbate these diseases. The best solution you may have is cleaning out your sub floor and installing vents.

Sub floor vents keeps moisture levels at a minimum, or not there at all. This helps in keeping mould away. If mould develops, the vents is able to take the spores outside so that they don’t start growing on the walls. Vents keeps a fresh supply of air in the sub floor reducing any pollutants that might move into the sub floor. It is important to remember that the vents must be kept clear. Any vegetation growing around the house should not cover the sub floor vents.

If you suspect you might have mould growing in your sub floor, call us and we’re glad to come in for a free onsite inspection. We offer you sub floor vents that will help you manage the quality of air. Our technicians are able to help you get rid of mould, dampness, and leave a solid circulation of fresh air. We answer any questions you might have with no obligation. Our technicians are experts on the subject of sub floor vents because of having installed thousands of systems. Don’t hesitate and call us today.