Underfloor Ventilation

How Underfloor Ventilation Can Help You Take A Step In the Right Direction Towards A Dryer Healthy Home Environment


Underfloor ventilation is the movement of air in the space under your house between the ground and the floor beams. This space can have a high level of moisture, which results in the growth of mould and other harmful contaminants if not well tended. It is important to make sure your house has proper underfloor ventilation. Following are the advantages of having full-proof underfloor ventilation:


  • Decreased levels of moisture in your underfloor discourage the growth of mould. Mould is harmful to your family’s health. The spores may find their way to the main floor of the house and aggravate anyone with trouble breathing. Children or people in the house with asthma problems have a particularly hard time. They have hard time breathing, and the musty smell that comes from having mould in the house exacerbates respiratory problems.
  • When your underfloor is well ventilated, there is no danger of compromising your house’s structural layout. This means there is no chance of dry rot or wet rot setting in to the underfloor space. Both these conditions are triggered when moisture fills the space. They are expensive to fix, so it is good to avoid them all together by carefully inspecting the underfloor periodically.
  • Termites love invading timber that is wet or damp. If your underfloor is wet, or damp, they’ll move in very fast. They work very fast and can bring down a house if left unchecked. A dry underfloor space however keeps them away. Also other pests like damp, dark spaces. So, keep your underfloor space clean and clear of any dampness.
  • Save yourself from future costs. Costs are counted in many different ways here. Moisture can damage your house’s structure beams, and floors. Repair is often more costly than installing a ventilation system. A well ventilated underfloor also reduces any health risks for you and your housemates.

We offer you the best choices in underfloor ventilation. Our equipment is one of the top in the industry. Once it’s installed in your house, we’re glad to return for maintenance and any repairs you may require.