Underfloor Ventilation Sydney

No More Damp Floorboards With Underfloor Ventilation Sydney

Installing underfloor ventilation is essential because without it, musty air rises up from the bottom to the main house.  Call underfloor Ventilation Sydney today for a no-obligation quotation.  Even though your underfloor has vents meant to reduce moisture in the space, you need ventilation installed to help keep it dry.

There are two reasons to keep your underfloor dry.  These are to prevent dry rot and/or wet rot.  Dry rot spores exist in a home because they are part of the dust that settles in used areas like an underfloor space.  But when moisture is introduced to the dust spores, they immediately start growing in the timber.  This is an especially dangerous thing as dry rot damages timber used for your houses support beams and floors.  Dry rot spores are turn into a fluffy fungus that looks like cotton.  If you have dry rot growing at this rate, then the timber in your underfloor space weakens.  Dry rot does not happen often, but if you do find it, call underfloor ventilation Sydney to improve ventilation.  Wet rot is a more popular occurrence because of dampness.  Wet rot is easier to clean than dry rot, but if left alone, it can also damage timber.  Wet rot gives off a terrible smell, discolors, and softens timber.  These two problems can be avoided with an underfloor ventilation system.

If you notice the presence of dry rot or wet rot in your underfloor, call underfloor ventilation Sydney.  Our skilled professionals will meet you for an inspection.  They’ll inspect the timber in your underfloor space and determine the extent of the damage.  The first thing to do is fix the dry rot and/or wet rot damage.  Once it is fixed, we make a layout for your new ventilation system.

Underfloor ventilation Sydney is glad to help you keep your underfloor free of moisture.  Vent fans installed in the underfloor system take away moisture and bring in air to keep the space dry.  This also helps you keep away any pests that might move in to the damp environment.  If you’re unsure about the state of your underfloor ventilation, call us today and we’ll help you out.