Underfloor Ventilation Melbourne

Keeping You Dry & Solving All Your Damp Issues Underfloor Ventilation Melbourne


Whether you’ve just moved into your beautiful house, or have lived in it for a while, you need to know the importance of underfloor ventilation. Most people don’t think about that space under the floorboards. We at underfloor ventilation Melbourne are happy to meet you to help you inspect your underfloor ventilation systems. Underfloor ventilation Melbourne takes pride in giving you the most affordable quotations in the industry. We want to encourage you to have a good ventilation system in place. Following are a few of the symptoms to alert you to a problem in your underfloor space:


  • If you notice every one in your house is complaining of a mildewed smell in the house, then it’s time to check the underfloor. The first instinct is to check if a corner of your carpet has gotten wet without you knowing. You might pull back the couch on the wall, and find a wet spot on the wall, or a stain rising from the floor. These are signs of mildew or mould growing in your underfloor. Mould is caused by moisture and can take a lot of work to get rid of it. The best solution is always to find the source of the moisture, and increase air in the underfloor space to keep it dry.
  • Another symptom is finding your floorboards are losing their shape and the wood looks swollen with water. The floorboards will look curved in, as though someone used great force on them. In extreme situations, the cured floorboards might start decaying. This happens due to an attack by fungi. The floor gets weak and is unsafe for you and your family. Before finding a fix for the floor, it’s important to find the cause of the damage. This is always a moist underfloor space.


If you notice any of these symptoms, you may call us at underfloor ventilation Melbourne for a free inspection. We at underfloor ventilation Melbourne understand that your budget might not allow for an instant repair. We do a thorough check on the damage; write out our recommendations and a quotation. Whenever you’re ready to install the system, underfloor ventilation Melbourne will be glad to do it.