Underfloor Ventilation Brisbane

All your Questions & Concerns Answered With Underfloor Ventilation Brisbane

Underfloor Ventilation Brisbane is a company that brings you the very best in ventilation systems. We work to provide you an all round services. From the moment, you call us for an on-site inspection and quotation, to installation of your system. We also offer maintenance and repair of your underfloor ventilation. Our staff has gained experience in dealing with all types of ventilation. They are knowledgeable. They have met with different types of scenarios, so you don’t have to worry they’ll turn away from you. Different houses need different types of ventilation layouts. We’re happy to listen to your concerns, make a thorough inspection. We come up with a ventilation design that works for you and your wallet.

Moisture in the underfloor space is the main cause of damage in most cases. It may find its way to the underfloor space through daily chores. Someone might have spilled water on the floorboards and it seeped in below to the underfloor. The house water system might have been damaged and is leaking water through the walls to the underfloor. The biggest concern happens when it rains, or storms. Water from the gutters might find its way through a space in the walls in to the underfloor space. All these are examples of how moisture levels rise in the underfloor.

Underfloor ventilation Brisbane staff is trained to spot these weaknesses in your system. Sometimes you might have an existing ventilation system that is not working properly. Our job is to find away to fix it for you, so that air is circulating and leaving your underfloor dry.

With the weather changing constantly, rainy seasons have become unpredictable. Cold weather increases moisture in the air. If you don’t have sufficient vents in your underfloor, moisture levels rise. Underfloor ventilation Brisbane recommends having fans in the underfloor space to allow air to circulate. Stagnant air will end up in a smelly underfloor space. Underfloor ventilation Brisbane looks forward to your call, rest assured will do what we can to get your house healthy again. Remember we provide a free site inspection.