Sub Floor Ventilation System

Improve Your Quality Of Living With A Sub Floor Ventilation System

It’s important to install a sub floor ventilation system in your house. A sub-floor ventilation system reduces the amount of moisture in the sub floor. It also allows fresh air to circulate in the sub floor by dispelling any bad gases that have accumulated in the sub floor. It’s important to keep inspecting your sub floor in order to gauge the level of moisture. And to make sure your sub floor ventilation system is working right.

Another reason to install a sub floor ventilation system is to prevent rising damp. Rising damp happens naturally. Ground water rises naturally from the soil and moves up your walls. This is called capillary action. A wall acts like a wick would in a candle or lamp drawing water from the ground up. It happens if the waterproofing and damp- proofing fails or if it was done improperly. You end up with paint peeling off the walls, and white substances left behind when the water evaporates. These white substances are mostly likely salts found in ground water.

To find out if your walls are suffering from this kind of damage, check if your wallpaper is peeling. Paint starts flaking off the wall in dusty particles or simply peels off too. If you have a plain wall, then the damage is marked with a dark stain. Sometimes you might find droplets on the surface on the walls that don’t have a reason to be there.

The first thing to do when you discover this type of damage is to find the source of the water. If the cause comes from ground water, then find a builder who’ll advice you on water and damp proofing your walls. In this case, you end up redoing plasterwork on damaged walls. Once your walls are damp proofed and fixed, think of ventilation.

When you call us, we inspect the number of vents you have in your sub floor. We design a sub floor ventilation system that guarantees the space stays dry at all times. It’s important to realize that even with damp proof, if you don’t keep the sub floor dry, the damage might keep happening.