Sub Floor Ventilation Queensland

Designed To Keep Your Floors & Home Dry In A Humid Environment Sub Floor Ventilation Queensland

Ventilation is required in Queensland for all houses. The damp summers and winters can cause moisture to accumulate in the sub floor and lead to damage of your house. Sub floor ventilation Queensland faces the challenge of designing ventilation layouts that take away moisture from your house. When you call us, we’re happy to inspect your house, and troubleshoot problem areas. We offer a free inspection and a quotation that you don’t have to use. We answer questions you might have about what you need to improve your sub floor ventilation.

The Australian building code says that any houses made with timber must have a minimum 350mm sub space, distance between floor and ground. This is the amount of spaced needed to give sufficient ventilation and allow air to circulate unrestricted. It is important to pay attention to this space after huge storms and floods. Soil and brush tend to cover the sub floor vents during storms. Uncover them to allow air in to dry the moisture. After floods, the moisture level in the sub floor space increases. Sub floor ventilation Queensland urges you to install ventilation that will enable you to dry that moisture quickly.

When Sub floor ventilation Queensland arrives on site, we inspect the space, and then talk with you to understand the history of the building. We need to know how long you’ve had the damp problem, and if you’ve had a ventilation system before. During our inspection, we’re looking for moisture in the timber. This is to find out if the framework of your house is damaged. We test for fungi in the space, and look if there are any termites.

The most important thing is to check for mould and mildew in the inside of your wall. Mould spores can spread quickly and a small patch can turn into the whole building without care.
When our inspection is done, sub floor ventilation Queensland lets you know the areas that need close attention. We draw up a quotation and talk with you about any budget concerns. We leave you with the quotation to make a decision, and it always makes our day when you call us back to do the job.