Sub Floor Ventilation Newcastle

No More Unwanted Moisture In Your Home With Sub Floor Ventilation Newcastle

Did you know that you might have ventilation vents in your sub floor but moisture can be trapped without you knowing? Sub floor ventilation Newcastle advices that you might have moisture building up from such spaces in your sub floor. The moisture can increase and lead to serious damage when mould develops on the timber of your house. Mould and mildew make timber weak with time. Weak timber leads to a weak base structure in your house. You could get floorboards that are caving out, or coming apart. Eventually it could lead to someone living in the house falling through the floor. These are the reasons why you have to watch what is happening with your sub floor ventilation.

The key to removing moisture in those trapped areas in your sub floor space is to increase vents. They have to remain unobstructed so that air travels in without a problem. You may also call sub floor ventilation Newcastle for a ventilation design that will work for your unique building.

Sub floor ventilation Newcastle makes sure the design we create gives you the best ventilation possible. We take into account the presence of the existing ventilation. Most times we help you improve it and repair it if need be. Putting in a different ventilation system however requires a new design. Our talented technicians will notice any obstructions and those hidden places that need extra care to remove moisture. They’ll create a layout to remove all moisture and bad gases from your sub floor.

Sub floor ventilation Newcastle will let you know if there are faults in the building. For example failing damp proof, or rusting gutters that are letting water seep into the sub floor space. Leaking plumbing can also contribute to increased moisture in the sub space. Our technicians are keen observers and they’ll find causes for moisture in your subspace.

Sub floor ventilation Newcastle works with your budget, but it is important to understand that a job is as good as the amount of work you let us do. We are happy to make any adjustments that might help your budget. But we also recommend you follow up on any recommendations made by our technicians.