Sub Floor Ventilation New South Whales

Echo Friendly Air With Sub Floor Ventilation New South Whales

Sub floor ventilation New South Whales is important to keep away moisture and bad odors. Most houses are built with a balanced wooden floor, with a space between the main four walls and the actual ground. Moisture levels in this space are affected by weather, and how much ground water is in the area. If you’ve built your house on swampy lands, the ground water levels are especially high. Certain seasons might rain more often than others might, if your drainage is poor, water might end up in your sub floor instead of your house. With time, this might end up damaging your sub floor walls, and the damage rises up to the rest of the house.

We conduct no obligation sub floor ventilation New South Whales site inspections. When you call us, we take time to come out to your house and give the sub floor a look. We write you a quotation depending on your ventilation needs. If you don’t have a sub floor ventilation system, we make design a layout for you. We handle all equipment and installation. If you need to upgrade your existing system, we let you know and arrange the necessary installations once we’ve agreed.

It’s important not to ignore your sub floor ventilation needs. Mould may develop on the walls if moisture remains. The resulting mould removal expenses might cost more than installing sub floor ventilation. Sub floor ventilation New South Whales is ready to meet with you whenever you discover you have a problem with your sub floor.

To test the moisture levels in your sub floor, take the dirt on the ground and crush it with your fingers. If dry, then your ventilation is working right but when the soil is like mud and stains your fingers, then your moisture level is high. Apart from mould, sometimes harmful gases might build up in the sub floor. Ventilation takes them away and leaves fresh air.

Sub floor ventilation New South Whales is flexible in terms of budget, and the nature and size of your sub floor. We’re not afraid of custom jobs, and give you our best service possible. Call us today for a no obligation site inspection and quotation.