Sub Floor Ventilation

HRV Direct Sub Floor Ventilation Systems – We Supply & Install Quality Underfloor Vents and House Cooling Products Australia Wide

At HRV Direct we are passionate about healthy home ventilation with the use of our industry leading sub floor ventilation and underfloor vent products. We are dedicated to providing clean, moisture free air for home owners right across Australia and play a large role in improving the quality of life for those that struggle with allergies and asthma.

About HRV Direct Healthy Home Ventilation Systems

HRV Direct and our industry leading sub floor ventilation systems are approved by the Sensitive Choice Program created by the National Asthma Council of Australia. Our smart control system unique to HRV Direct sub floor and home ventilation systems ensures our customers homes are sent the best quality filtered air to their entire home at push of a button. Like most of our customers you may not be initially fully aware as to the benefits and impact a quality sub floor ventilation system can have on the health and safety of your family. For this reason we provide all those that enquire with us a comprehensive healthy home ventilation assessment free of charge at their residence.

During this free inspection your local HRV Direct sub floor ventilation professional will conduct a thorough investigation and assessment of all the rooms in your home, looking for danger spots and any evidence of mould, dust and or any other allergy threats. We will also conduct several air flow and air quality measurements. At the end of your complimentary healthy home ventilation inspection you will be provided with a detailed assessment as to obvious dangers and concerns as well as being given a variety of action steps to rectify any obvious areas of concern, quality sub floor ventilation usually being one of them.


Your HRV Direct sub floor ventilation expert will provide you with an exceptional service and will walk you through the benefits of moisture free filtered clean air in your home. We will also be able to provide you honest answers to any of your questions and will be able to accurately address any of your concerns around mould, asthma and the benefits of quality sub floor ventilation systems.

Areas HRV Direct Service

At HRV Direct we have installed over 130,000 home ventilation and sub floor systems across Australia. The healthy home ventilation industry is steadily growing and to cater for this increased demand we have now established home ventilation offices and representatives in each of the major cities in Australia. We now have offices and provide our exclusive free healthy home ventilation assessments in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Our most popular service, products and systems include:

  • Healthy home ventilation assessments Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth
  • Filtered moisture free sub floor ventilation installations
  • Underfloor vents and house cooling systems
  • Total home ventilation systems

Contact a Healthy Sub Floor Ventilation Expert Near Your Now!

If you desire clean healthy moisture free air in your home today and want to do everything possible to provide your family with a clean and fresh living environment, get in touch with us on 1300 661 845.

Whether you require home ventilation in Brisbane, sub floor ventilation in Perth or an underfloor vent replaced in Melbourne we will ensure that you will be put in touch immediately with a sub floor ventilation expert local to your home who will offer you the option of getting the process started by having us complete a no obligation healthy home ventilation assessment at your home right away.