Roof Ventilation

The Advantages of Roof Ventilation With HRV Direct

Humidity and heat in the home are both caused by a lack of roof ventilation. These culprits are responsible for mould and mildew build up, which are both health hazards. People who suffer with sinusitis, asthma and other respiratory and lung conditions will be affected by the mould. Those who have no health complications may also start to experience allergic reactions to the mould. All of these unpleasant situations may be avoided by installing roof ventilation systems to your home.

Roof ventilation systems help to regulate the air flow within the home. The system works by removing or pushing out stale air and allowing fresh and clean air to circulate within the home. The system ensures that humidity and heat are released into the outdoors, making room for purified air to enter the home. This improves air quality, which has a number of positive effects on people inside the home.

At HRV Direct Home and Roof Ventilation Systems we receive regular feedback from happy clients notice almost immediately that members of their family are more alert and stay refreshed for longer. Since a HRV Direct roof ventilation system prevents mould build up, you won’t have anyone experiencing allergic reactions or respiratory problems. You may also notice a reduction in lethargy and headaches, due to breathing in clean and well circulated air.


If you are considering installing a roof ventilation system, you should always hire a professional to get the job done right the first time. The first sign that a company is good at what they do is if they offer an obligation free home and clean air assessment to identify any potential mould issues and if your home does in fact actually need a roof ventilation system installed. At HRV Direct we pride ourselves on installting quality roof ventilation systems, but also with providing home owners a clear honest indication as to whether such a system is actually required.

Installing a ducted roof ventilation system from HRV Direct ducted heating and ventilation services has many advantages. Perhaps the most crucial, is the health benefits that it brings. The most valuable advantage would be the fact that it makes the roof of the house and ultimately the house, last longer. It reduces moisture, built up in cold winter months and conditions the air, in a way. Roof ventilation has many advantages and it should be taken seriously, because of all the benefits that it brings with it.