It’s your roof… and your free solar energy

In these days of dwindling energy resources and rising power prices, homeowners are searching for alternative energy sources to help ease the burden on the national grid, and their wallets. The answer is right above their heads. From State to State between 25% and 58% of Australian household energy use is consumed by space heating, yet on average our homes are still unable to meet World Health Organisation temperature standards. The average Australian home needs to warm up 2-6°C to meet minimum World Health Organisation standards. The average Australian home needs to warm up. Let’s face it, Australians need as much free energy as they can get.


The HRV Direct Ventilation system is the ultimate in energy efficient heating and cooling, and it only costs around the same as a 100 watt light globe to run. By harnessing the free solar energy from your roof space, the HRV Direct Ventilation System can drastically reduce your energy bills by reducing your need for heating systems, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. What’s more, by creating a dry indoor air environment your heating will be more efficient.

Switch on to HRV Direct.

Are you serious about sustainable living and the cost of energy? We are. The HRV Direct Healthy Home Ventilation System is an innovation designed to maximise your home comfort and minimise emissions and energy cost.