Harness the sun’s FREE energy to help warm and dry your home…

The HRV Direct Whole Home Ventilation system harnesses the free warm air from your roof space, filters and purifies it, then distributes it evenly throughout your home. The heat provided by an HRV Direct system is the ultimate in energy-efficient heating.

With just a 10°C temperature difference between the roof and the home, the HRV provides every room with the equivalent heat of a 1000W heater – all for the cost of running a light-globe.

Drier homes heat faster. Imagine the amount of heating required to heat a wet cardboard box, compared to a dry cardboard box. Not only will your conventional heating requirements be used less often, a drier home will also make them far more efficient.


While the HRV Direct system will not solve all of a home’s heating requirements (it only takes the warm air from the roof when it is available and desired), it will raise the ambient temperature of the home throughout most autumn, winter, and spring days and lowers the relative humidity of the home.