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Particles in the air carry pollutants, some of which can cause lung damage or allergic reactions when inhaled. Breathable particles are referred to as PM-10 (particle matter) smaller than 10pm (micrometres). These particles are largely produced by industrial processes, incineration and combustion processes, nature (pollen, mould, and microbes) and predominantly by vehicle emissions. The particles in our urban air show a bimodal distribution with the most dominant particle being 0.4 micron which is the most difficult size to catch.

Key benefits of the HRV Direct filter

Reduction of exposure to toxic substances.

Approximately 50% of the toxic substances we are exposed to in life are from the air in our homes. With a HRV Direct system you are changing the air in your home 3 – 5 times per hour. The average efficiency of he HRV Direct deep pleat filter is 60-80% > 0.4 micron, therefore reducing your total exposure to toxic substances by 30-40%

Reduction of dust particles in your home.

By introducing fresh clean air into your home, you will reduce the dust being drawn in. Extractor fans and fireplaces contribute to air being drawn into your home through cracks and gaps or open windows and doors. HRV Direct provides positive pressure to help overcome these losses.


Key design features

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  • Electrostatically active filter media. SynSafe Ultra is outstanding in the field of filtration. 4 years of research and development by Scandfilter AB in Sweden has produced filter media with an inherent electrostatic charge. This charge is induced in the media by a combination of factors.
  • Special blending of different fibres
  • The cleanliness and preparation of these fibres
  • The clean room conditions in which the media is made
  • State of the art manufacturing machinery


The electrostatic media is then used to produce a graduated density ‘batt’ which is laminated to a nylon monofilament mesh. This is then pleated and heat set. Pleating creates a larger surface area – the 300mm x 300mm x 130mm filter box actually contains a surface area of 3 metres x 300mm! Major benefits of this design are high initial efficiency and high dust holding capacity.

Positive pressure

Remove stale air, pollutants and moisture… a positive result with HRV Direct’s positive pressure environment

The positive pressure environment in the home removes airborne pollutants and moisture by forcing stale indoor air out through the natural gaps, cracks and seals in the house. Through the process of dilution, the air in your home becomes purer – as stale, polluted air is replaced with filtered air.

Australian homeowners, more than ever, are keeping their windows closed. The reasons are numerous – energy conservation, security, pollution, noise… the list goes on. This reduces natural ventilation and causes the build-up of airborne pollutants in the home.

Pollutants in the home range from carbon dioxide (from breathing), carbon monoxide (cooking and partially combusted gas), volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde (building materials), mould, allergens, pollen and dust mites.

Outdoor air is not always fresh. Pollutants can also find their way inside even with closed doors and windows – extraction hoods in the kitchen and wood burners draw air in from outside through the same gaps and cracks HRV Direct uses to expel air. Minimise your exposure to particulates and pollutants by controlling the quality of the air in your home with HRV Direct’s superior filtration and positive pressure environment.