How to keep your cool on hot sticky nights

On summer nights there is cool air circulating in your roof space… and it’s free! With a HRV Direct Healthy Home Ventilation System you could be drawing this cool air throughout your home for cooler night’s asleep and a healthier indoor air environment. No more stuffy, humid, restless nights – HRV Direct has got it sorted.

Once the sun goes down energy is released from the roof but not from inside your home. What’s more, the rooftop is a great emitter of energy – it releases heat to the night sky as effectively as it collects warmth from the sun – this is called night sky radiation. The HRV Direct Ventilation system draws this cool air from the roof space, filters and purifies it, and distributes it into the living area and more importantly the bedrooms, for a comfortable night asleep. Ventilation through the night, apart from the health benefits and better sleep, also helps remove cooking odours and the stale air normally associated with closed doors and windows. So you can wake up to a fresh, cool home on summer mornings – even your teenager’s bedroom…

Serious about sustainable living and the cost of cooling? We are. The HRV Direct Healthy Home Ventilation System is an innovation designed to maximise your home comfort and minimise emissions and energy cost.