About Us

At HRV Direct we pride ourselves on providing both superior underfloor ventilation systems and home ventilation service. Our systems have a smart control system which delivers air to the whole home through the best quality filtration available to today’s homeowner.

While home ventilation is only a young industry, it is quickly becoming recognised as an economical and healthy addition to any Australian home. HRV is an absolute must for any family that is conscious of having a healthy home. The HRV Direct system will help to dispel excess moisture, relieve asthma and allergy symptoms or any other air quality issues.

In addition to the alleviating the health concerns of your family, HRV can also reduce your electricity bills and provide you with a more comfortable home by taking advantage of the free space heating and cooling available from the sun! HRV has proved to be the simple solution in a time of rapidly rising energy costs and increasingly poor indoor air quality.

Since 2003 the HRV product has been growing exponentially and is now available across Australasia to all home owners. The HRV Direct system is a proven market leader in home ventilation. Due to the multitude of benefits and negligible running costs, it is the goal of the HRV Direct team to put a HRV Direct Healthy Home Ventilation system into every home in Australia.


Endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia

HRV Direct’s home ventilation systems have been proudly endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia as a sensitive choice for asthmas sufferers. The Sensitive Choice Program is a community service designed for the 2,300,000 Aussies living with asthma and wanting to breathe purer, fresher and cleaner air, ultimately reducing allergic reactions.

The Sensitive Choice accreditation highlights Australian companies providing asthma and allergy-aware products that are community conscious helping the 15,000 breaths we take every day to be clean and pure.

Contact HRV Direct to find out more about our Sensitive Choice endorsed products helping to combat asthma triggers across the country. Find out more about the Sensitive Choice Accreditation here.

National Asthma Council Australia - Sensitive Choice