Healthy Home

Introduce fresh, clean air into your home and remove microscopic pollutants which can cause lung damage and allergic reactions


The HRV Direct Ventilation System is the ultimate in energy efficient ducted heating, cooling and home ventilation. Ease the burden on the national grid and reduce your bill!


Keep your home warm and dry with FREE warm air that has been filtered and purified with an eco friendly ducted home ventilation system. A drier home heats faster!

Moisture Control

Avoid a multitude of damp home health-related problems, mould and structural damage and let the HRV Direct Home Ventilation System create a “positive pressure” environment which forces excess moisture from your home.


With the help of a HRV Direct Home Ventilation System, take advantage of the cool air in your roof for a fresher, more comfortable home environment and a better night’s sleep.

HRV Direct Healthy Home Ventilation Systems, Ducted Heating, Roof Ventilation & Sub Floor Ventilation

At HRV Direct Home Ventilation Systems we pride ourselves on providing superior sub floor ventilation systems and service. Our systems have a smart control system which delivers air to the whole home through the best quality filtration available to today’s homeowner.

While home ventilation and underfloor ventilation is only a young industry, it is quickly becoming recognised as an economical and healthy addition to any Australian home. HRV healthy home ventilation products are an absolute must for any family that is conscious of having a healthy home. The HRV Direct system will help to dispel excess moisture, relieve asthma and allergy symptoms or any other air quality issues. To get in touch today with your local clean air house cooling and home ventilation expert contact us here.

Ducted Home Ventilation Systems Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne

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HRV Direct Home Ventilation Testimonials

HRV Direct
The reason I decided to install the HRV system was my house was cold in winter and mouldy. I no longer have any mould and the house is much warmer in winter. I have really noticed that the inside of Read More >
HRV Direct
I installed a HRV home ventilation system in February 2013 in my home in Lismore, a wet, warm area of the State after years of difficulty caused by damp and especially mildew. Two of the residents of this home have Read More >
HRV Direct
Since we have had the HRV system in our home I have noticed that the house smells fresher and I haven't any need to use my asthma puffer whilst in the house. Also we have been able to maintain a Read More >
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    Date: Thursday, 01 August 2013

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